Various - Punk And Disorderly III - The Final Solution - 33RPM


Punk And Disorderly III The Final Solution


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Genre: Punk Rock
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Brand new track list with a 4 bonus tracks not available in the first edition.

Punk and Disorderly III - The Final Solution is a compilation album of various early English punk bands released in 1983 by Anagram Records. The album features songs by bands such as Discharge, The Exploited, and Chaos UK. The album was a commercial success, reaching number 17 on the UK Albums Chart.

The album was recorded at various studios in the UK, and it was produced by Martin Hannett. Hannett was a well-known producer who worked with a number of other influential bands, such as Joy Division, New Order, and The Smiths.

The album's sound is raw and aggressive, and it is a perfect example of the early British punk rock sound. The songs are fast and furious, and the lyrics are full of anger and frustration.