Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit - 33RPM

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

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The Retro Musique vinyl record cleaning kit is the best solution for the serious record collector. It contains everything you need to keep your records pristine and achieve the best possible stereo sound.

Dust accumulating in the groove of your record distorts the sound quality and can be easily removed with the carbon fibre roller brush - an essential and quick way to reduce deposits on the record's surface.

A cleaning fluid atomizer solution with a microfiber cloth and wet and dry cleaning cloths will help you keep the surface of the record clean and reduce static build-up.

The stylus cleaning brush is designed to clean the delicate stylus and hard-to-reach areas - so you can enjoy your vinyl to the fullest.

This handy tin includes detailed instructions so you can keep all your cleaning tools together. It's the perfect gift for record and turntable lovers!

The tin contains:
- Carbon fibre anti-static brush - eliminates static while removing the fine dust particles that can build up and distort the sound
- Scanning stylus cleaning brush - perfect for gently reaching the tip of the stylus and removing lint and dust particles that have accumulated - without damaging the delicate stylus
- Deep Cleaner Solution Spray and microfiber cloth - to thoroughly clean the surface of your records
- Wet and dry cleaning cloths - free from harmful chemicals and ammonia to remove static charges