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Genre: Folk World
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1970’s best-kept Bossa Nova secret. Surrounded by mystery for nearly 50 years due to its obscurity, this is one of the most honest, personal and unpretentious albums of its genre. A selection of 12 exquisitely crafted songs supported by measured, subtle arrangements.

In a time when Bossa Nova had become a global phenomenon and its main characters were already household names in Brazil, Werther assembled a collection of songs that uncannily - almost naively - remind us of the time when Bossa Nova was just a group of youngsters making music. His songs are about simple things: bohemian life, the sea, love.


1. Terça Feira 02:10
2. Leilão 02:10
3. Catavento 02:14
4. Mudança 02:15
5. Litoral 03:32
6. Estuário 02:28
7. Mararia 03:51
8. Lenda 02:17
9. Apresentação 02:31
10. Rei do Chão 01:41
11. Dimensão 01:44
12. Ave Maria 03:00