Wu-Tang Clan - Legend of the Wu-Tang Vinyl 2LP - 33RPM

Wu Tang Clan

Legend of the Wu Tang Vinyl 2LP



Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
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"Legend of the Wu-Tang" is a compilation album by the Wu-Tang Clan, hitting shelves in 2004. Notably, it features the rare unedited version of "Protect Ya Neck," a remix of "Method Man" with alternate verses, and tracks like "Shaolin Worldwide," "Sucker M.C.'s" (a cover of Run D.M.C.), and "Diesel," originally produced for soundtracks and compilations. An intriguing feature is the inside booklet, which unfolds into a mini-poster of the group. This album aimed to solidify Wu-Tang Clan's legacy as one of the most influential groups in recent memory, serving both as an introduction to new listeners and a treat for long-time fans. "Legend of the Wu-Tang" saw twenty-six versions released worldwide, spanning CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes.